The Basket Brigade concept was inspired by Anthony Robbins.
These Basket Brigades throughout the world feed more than 3-4 million people
throughout the world each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Basket Brigades are made up collectively by volunteers in local communities serving others.

Our local Seattle Basket Brigade  involves > 300 volunteers from all over the greater Seattle area and we assemble and deliver 300+ baskets, feeding approximately 1500 people  all over. We utilize a variety of sources for our recipients including families from food banks. This fulfills our needs to serve local residents in need at Thanksgiving as well as take pressure off the food banks this incredibly busy time of year to allow their resources to reach more people – so a win win! We provide a large basket of food, a turkey. and all the trimmings.that often will help a family
for 2-3 days!

Here is a collection of stories and a few pictures from volunteers :

The following link is to a video of Tony Robbins telling his story of how the Basket Brigade began: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150253962302949

We need donations and volunteers to help feed as many people in our community as possible.

To refer families in need please contact:
Les Berenson MD – Coordinator
206 290-0409