PLEASE help make a donation no matter how small so these families can eat. Many people are struggling now, and ANY donations you make will brighten and make YOUR Thanksgiving even more rewarding by giving to others.

Make a donation using Paypal   –>

We plan on feeding more than 1500 -2500 people in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound area this Thanksgiving in 2014 –
Many of our recipients will be families utilizing huge food banks serving many needy people in the north and south greater Seattle area  :
A) University Food Bank and
B) Highline Food Bank (in Burien),

Money (100%) will be used to help buy the turkeys & canned foods.
Consider giving up your coffee (outside the house), etc. for a week –
A basket to feed a family for 2-3 days cost ~ $45.
We can provide a tax deductible receipt if needed).

Please make donations checks to: ” Seattle Basket Brigade “.
6603 Aurora Ave No, Seattle, WA. 98103

If a large donation – checks are preferable to Paypal
(Paypal takes out a fee – limiting your donation)
To make a donation using Paypal   –>

Do you have contacts (friends or companies) that may be willing to donate, or can ask their employees to get involved donating & volunteering.