Welcome to our Seattle Basket Brigade
Video summary of the 2013 Seattle Basket Brigade (Click link)

Amazing video by Brenda Asterino & assistance by Luke Papineau
showing the impact, energy & spirit of 300 wonderful heartfelt volunteers
in our community. (Please “LIKE” & share this video with others (Facebook, etc)

Click here to see the details and get involved (or donate)
in 2015 Seattle Basket Brigade
We plan to increase our support from 300 baskets / turkeys to 500 in 2015


Videos and pictures of 2014 Seattle Basket Brigade

Donation Stories (Click here)
4 individuals and their families raised money in unique ways. Times are harder for all of us.
Even without any money here are ideas YOU and anyone can use
to raise money to help others in need.

Seattle Basket Brigade event (pictures)

Volunteer Party – pictures 

Amiga Debbie did a wonderful pictorial video of our 2014 Basket Brigade

At Large in Ballard: Ahead of the Trot – By Peggy Sturdivant
Ballard News Tribune  –  11/10/2014

To get involved in 2015 Seattle Basket Brigade Sat. Nov 22, 2014

To make a donation using Paypal   –> 
All donations are tax deductible (On Paypal make sure we have contact info)
We can always use donations as we had to use a lot of our money
from 2013 for this year 2014 so please help us catch up

To add your name to our future communications list: www.TinyURL.com/SeattleMailList 

Flier to share with others about the 2014 Seattle Basket Brigade
1 2014 Seattle Basket Brigade flier

PRESS about the Seattle Basket Brigade

At Large in Ballard: Ahead of the Trot – By Peggy Sturdivant
Ballard News Tribune  –  11/10/2014

Interview by Dayna Mink-Coats (‘Kids Care’ radio show host – Radio Disney Seattle) with coordinator Les Berenson MD (Nov. 10th, 2013)

History, background, vision, teen involvement
of the Seattle Basket Brigade
(Takes a few minutes to download)

|SeattleTimes article about the Seattle Basket Brigade – November 24, 2010
seattle times article - Seattle Basket Brigade 2010

When a community comes together to make a difference – MAGIC HAPPENS!
|Our mission is to bring the community together to feed families in need for Thanksgiving.
In 2014 volunteers from all over WA. state will come together to assemble >300 baskets with turkeys – then delivered them to people in need, feeding approximately 1600 people in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound area.

Many of our recipients were families utilizing huge food banks serving many needy people in the north and south greater seattle area so pressure was taken off rthe food banks in this time of need:

Food banks and recipients we will serve in 2014
A) University Food Bank
 (No. Seattle)
B) Highline Food Bank (in Burien),
C) North Help Line Food Bank (Lake City Way area)
D) (and MANY other families throughout the area)

We have a great volunteer party great music,  wonderful friends,
and Incredible food from some of the best Seattle restaurants –
Thai, Indian, Greek food and great Pizza., and a smoked organic turkey.
Make sure you plan to come to the Volunteer party in 2014 !

TEEN PROGRAM – The Seattle Basket Brigade is
an amazing experience to share with your family and kids.
Kids helping out can get COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS.


Yes, if you would like to support the Basket Brigade and
cannot join us the day of, you are more than welcome to donate.
We need as many donations this year to get our 300 baskets.
You can also make a financial donation by clicking the link below and
we will purchase the food for you. Every penny counts and we appreciate it.Do you have contacts (friends or companies) that may be willing to donate,
or can ask their employees to get involved donating & volunteering.
Please make donations checks to: Seattle Basket Brigade.
6603 Aurora Ave No. Seattle, WA 98103
Checks are preferable to Paypal 
(Paypal takes out a fee – limiting your donation) 
To make a donation using Paypal   –> www.TinyURL.com/SeattleBasketBrigade


Thanksgiving Basket Brigade is where a group of local individuals and volunteers come together in the spirit of contribution and help hundreds of families in and around the greater Seattle area to have the blessing of a Thanksgiving meal.Each person can donate towards our basket brigade.

$45 provides a turkey and large basket of food lasting family 2-3 days.
We buy the food and then on the Sat. before Thanksgiving we gather to create beautiful Thanksgiving Baskets for families in need in our community.After the baskets are packed up we pair up with friends, family members, and new acquaintances and drive out to deliver the baskets to the families ourselves.

Families include those who are in need, families who may have illnesses, lost parents, lost jobs, senior citizens, women and children who are starting over after leaving abusive relationships, and more. Most of us do not tell the families that the food is from us, instead that we are delivery people (Instructions are given to the drivers).